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A place for all parents to be able to check game schedules, and practice times. As well hoping to provide some more related information to keep you informed and in the know :) 

We no longer take friend requests for teams

Practice Days and Times

  • All Practices take place at Beasley Park Soccer Fields 

  • U5/U6 - Thurs - 4-6pm

  • U7 - Wed 4-5:30pm

  • U8 - Tues 4-5:30pm

  • U9 - Tues 5:30-7pm (GIRLS)

  • U9- Thurs  5:30-7pm (BOYS)

  • U10 - Mon 5:30-7pm

  • U11 - Wed 5:30-7pm

  • U12 - Tues 5:30-7pm

  • U14 - Mon  5:30-7pm

  • U16  - Fri 5:30-7pm

U6 Practice and Time Slots

Team Color Coaches Name Email address Assistant Coach Email Address 4pm slot 5pm slot
Black Regan Edsler     T  
Coal Grey Amy Gunn Chris Russell   T
Extreme Pink Victoria Thew     T  
Forest Green Sunny Minhas       T
Gold Thomas Huber     T  
Kelly Green Jen Rowe     T  
Lime Shock Tavia Hryhor       T
Purple Lucas Ferguson Jessica Mills T  
True Navy Matt Edgar       T
True Red Sarah Bjerke       T
True Royal Lane Hardy     T  
Carolina Blue Derek Jory       T

U7-U16 Practice Times and Fields

    B3A B3B B4A B4B B5 B6    
MONDAY 4 to 530pm     U12 Academy          
  5:30 TO 7:00 U14 BOYS U14 Boys U14 GIRLS U10 GIRLS U10 BOYS U10 BOYS    
    Brennan Russell A/ Brendan Amy Allan Stephanie Rottacker Kris Schmidt    
    Thurston, Molly Zach Eurchuk U8 GIRLS (5-6) Darci Vickery Victoria Thew David Zinz    
  530-7pm U12 BOYS U12 GIRLS Ryan Bjur   U9 GIRLS U9 GIRLS    
    Landon Dan     Chad Bennett Avery Aardema    
WEDNESDAY 4:30 to 5:30 U7 BOYS U7 BOYS U7 BOYS   U7 GIRLS (4-6)      
    Rob Needham Zach Eurchuk Brent Vickery   Thomas Huber      
  5:30 to 7:00 U14 BOYS   U16 BOYS U11 BOYS        
    Brennan   Turner Chris        
THURSDAY 4-5pm U6 U6 U6 U6        
  5-6pm U6 u6 u6 u6        
  5:30 to 7:00         U9 BOYS U9 BOYS    
            Jeremy Blaskovits

Caetano Bezerra

FRIDAY 5:30 to 7:00 U16 BOYS U16 BOYS U16 GIRLS U11 GIRLS U12 Academy      
    Hopkinson Turner Ruth/Rodgers Madeline/Jorryn Wandt      

Season Set up!

Games and Roster Sizes for 2023 COYSA house league: ** this could be subject to change**

U7/8 - Maximum players 16.      

  • Games are on Saturday.
  • Play is 4v4 where the team splits in half to play 2 simultaneous GAMES that are 2 halves of 12 minutes. Then teams “switch” to play a second game against the other half of the opposition.
  • Historically speaking there are 2 time slots for each BU7, BU8, GU7, GU8. Divisions are assigned times after teams are declared at the end of February. 9:00am, 10:30am, Noon, 1:30pm

U9/10 – Maximum players 14.        

  • Games are on Saturday.
  • Play is 7v7, Game is 2 halves of 25 Minutes.
  • Historically speaking there are 2 time slots for each BU9, BU10, GU9, GU10. Divisions are assigned times after teams are declared at the end of February. 9:00am, 10:30am, Noon, 1:30pm

U11/12: Maximum players 16.

  • Games are on Saturday.
  • Play is 8v8, Game is 2 halves of 30 Minutes.
  • BU11 kick-off is 9:00am
  • BU12 kick-off is 10:30am
  • GU11 kick-off is Noon
  • GU12 kick-off is 1:30pm


U14: Maximum players 18.

  • Games are on Saturday.
  • Play is 11v11, Game is 2 halves of 40 Minutes.
  • BU14 kick-off is 3:00pm
  • GU14 kick-off is 1:00pm

U16: Maximum players 18.

  • Games are on Saturday.
  • Play is 11v11, Game is 2 halves of 40 Minutes.
  • BU16 kick-off is 9:00am
  • GU16 kick-off is 11:00am


U18: Maximum players 20.

  • Games are weeknights.
  • Boys Monday/Wednesday; Girls Tuesday/Thursday
  • Play is 11v11, Game is 2 halves of 45 Minutes.
  • Kick-off is 6:00pm

U5 and U6 Program

U5 and U6 Program

Thursdays 4pm-6pm

Beasley Fields #3 &#4

Parents please ensure your kids are wearing their jersey, cleats and shin pads

Coordinator and Organizer:



Team Selection Guidelines

In putting together teams for each season, the following principles will be used:

  1. Competitive balance is the key factor. LCYSA will try to ensure players are distributed to ensure that all teams in a division are competitive - i.e. no team will win all their games while another in that division loses all theirs. At the end of a season, coaches will provide feedback re individual player strength and team strength that will be used in the following year to balance the teams.
  2. LCYSA believes that players benefit from working with a variety of coaches during their soccer careers, and coaches also gain from new players added to their teams.
  3. Soccer is both an opportunity to develop physical skills, and a chance to meet new friends from other schools to help develop social skills.
  4. Parents can be helpful in encouraging their children to accept change positively, and learn from new coaches, new friends and new opportunities.  No requests for specific coaches or teammates will be taken.
  5. Each season teams will likely undergo significant changes as new players are added and reorganization for competitive balance is completed.

Game Schedules

Will be posted to Sportsengine accounts in March

Field Locations and Addresses

Note that all locations are found in the link below 

Lake Country Youth Soccer Association Sponsors

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